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Digital Digest Data Design Pty Ltd (4D) is an established IT engineering provider to Canberra and National clients in the Government and Corporate sectors. 4D has recently concluded a rejuvenation of the business, and has internally undertaken to revamp all facets of the business.

4D is supplying best practice engineering services to a wide range of Tier-1 clients with our A-grade technical team.

4D offers a unique vertically-tiered solution, where 4D comprehensively meets all the ICT needs of organisations, both large and small.

At its base is Relocation, Disconnection, Move-Add-Change (MAC), and building to the highest levels of IT strategy and innovation, business transformation, consulting, engineering, management and delivery. 4D offers a one-stop shop for IT Solutions.

4D delivers this quality solution set via our secure private cloud from our headquarters, which is government security accredited, earthquake, fireproof and bombproof facility. All 4D services are provided from our zero-footprint energy building utilising green energy via our unique combination of solar power and free air cooling. 4D describe this business offering as an Information Computation Centre (ICC).

Who is 4D?

4D is a Canberra-based medium sized IT engineering company that has been operating since 1992. From its embryonic beginnings as a project-based business primarily in the GIS arena to Defence, 4D has grown its ICT services portfolio into IT infrastructure support and Project Management, and more recently into Service Desk Support and Managed Services.

We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with 3 Gold and 6 Silver competencies.



4D has extensive dealings with both Defence and a number of secure Commonwealth agencies.  Accordingly, all of 4D's work processes for such clients are designed around Information Security Manual (ISM) and Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) compliance.

We are a member of the Defence Industrial Security Program (DISP) and we have both a Personnel Facility Clearance and a Facility Clearance. Many of DDDD's staff have Defence security clearances, ranging from Restricted to Top Secret, and security clearances for other Government Departments.

As a long-term member of the Canberra community, 4D also understands the challenges facing Canberra's small and medium business market.  Our comprehensive range of Managed Service solutions are tailored to meet those challenges, allowing our customers to focus more on their own business needs while 4D looks after their IT needs.

What does 4D specialise in?

4D specialises in the provision of the following ICT support functions:

    4D's engineers will listen to your requirements and provide you with an IT solution which best meets your needs at a price which matches your budget.

    Where do we work?

    4D's headquarters is located in Canberra, with staff outposted to Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. We also have part-time staff located in most other capital cities.

    With a breadth of experience working with Defence and Government, 4D is able to provide a range of skilled staff possessing the clearances and access entitlements to work in the most sensitive of business environments.

    Given the impact of ICT systems being "down" during business hours, 4D is able to work around your business requirements and provide ICT services and support which meet your outside of regular work hours, or even on-site or remote support.

    What are the benefits to your business working with 4D?

    4D's aim is to provide your business with a complete IT solution, removing the need for you to worry about whether or not your IT system is going to let you down at a mission critical time.

    Partnering with 4D provides your business:

    • The best use of staff for specialist and core tasks.
    • Minimized risk and maximized outcome
    • On time and on budget project and/or service delivery
    • Service excellence
    • Greater accountability and flexibility
    • Access to expertise through our partnerships
    • Greater control of service levels and performance
    • Efficiencies through collaborative working

    4D's core values

    When your business engages with 4D, you can expect the following:

    • Honesty and integrity in all dealings
    • Well priced value for money services - fixed prices with no hidden inclusions
    • Disciplined, deliberate and intentional delivery of services - 4D operates by the principle of "Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance"
    • Continuous improvement - At 4D we are always looking at new and better ways to improve service to our customers, whether it be new innovative techniques, new applications, or better hardware solutions.
    • Ownership of clients' ICT problems - Your IT problems become our problems, we will take a close interest in understanding your business and ensure it is not let down by an IT failure
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